Friends Of Ruislip Lido – Annual General Meeting.

Notice is hereby given that The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Ruislip Lido will be held on Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 7.30pm at Kings College Playing Fields Pavilion.


  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • Notification of Any Other Business
  • Nominations for Executive elections
    • Chair
    • Vice-Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Membership secretary
    • Committee member
  • Executive Reports
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Executive Elections
  • Any Other Business

If you are aware of Any Other Business before the meeting, please will you advise Pat Taverner.

Friends of Ruislip Lido Newsletter

Lido staff:
We hope that you have seen and spoken to Andre and Anna, the two Portugese Ecology graduates, who have been working with Andy, the Lido manager, during the summer months keeping the Lido looking so good throughout the summer and carrying out much of the ongoing maintenance. This is the first year that funds have been made available to provide extra support to Andy throughout the Lido’s busiest time and we hope that this will be repeated in future years.

Litter picking:
The Council re-let the contract for litter picking in April this year and Chris and his team have provided a quality seven day service to keep the Lido litter free to a very high standard which we should all appreciate, whilst encouraging all our visitors to use the collection facilities provided.

The Boathouse:
The Council have recently submitted plans to replace on the same footprint the existing boathouse with a timber clad structure to provide two meeting rooms and associated facilities available for use by both the Green Spaces personnel and the wider community. Comments were required by the end of August and a decision should be made before the end of the year on whether it can go ahead.

External fencing:
The external metal panel fencing has now been completed from Woody Bay round to Willow Lawn and serves to protect the Lido Railway from external intrusion. Unfortunately, there have been a few instances where muntjac deer have died after being trapped between the upright bars. Whilst the Council have stated that this has not been a problem with this type of fencing previously, they are in discussions with the fencing contractors as to how this can be addressed particularly on the north eastern side of the Lido, facing Ruislip Woods.

External road access and Parking:
The provision of insufficient car parking at busy times and the resultant problems caused to the local residents, the buses and emergency services, by illegal and inconsiderate parking in Reservoir Road and surrounding roads have been addressed by the Council by the provision of a new carpark opened within the Lido last year. Unfortunately, these problems have not been resolved, due in part to the increased popularity of the Lido arising from the improvements and additional facilities provided at the Lido in the last two years. In addition, it has made worse the issues arising at the road entrances from the interplay of turning buses, cars entering and leaving the two separate entrances to the two car parks and pedestrians attempting to cross these accesses to reach the car park without any priority.

This is a significant safety hazard and the Council’s Highway engineers are looking to sort out these interfaces before there is a serious accident. However, this resolution is dependent on coming to an agreement with the bus company, which is taking longer than hoped.

Currently, the beach at Woody Bay displays two red flags, which denote that the water in the Lido does not meet the standards required under EU legislation for Bathing Water. Whilst some people have chosen to ignore the warning flags, the Council has continued to test the water to determine if it can meet the requirements. The Watersplash has also been provided for use by children and has been operational for most of the summer.

The Woodlands Centre and Cafe:
The Cafe has become an integral part of the Lido since the early days of Mino and Eli sitting in an Ice Cream van in the depths of winter providing refreshments to the Lido users before the Woodlands Centre was finished. Whilst it is very busy in the summer, we would like to support it in the less popular months when Mino and Eli continue to serve a full range of refreshments and meals to all who call.

The Centre provides a display of past history and current wildlife to be found at the Lido, together with facilities for school and other parties during daylight hours.


At Kings College Pavilion, Kings College Road, Ruislip, HA4 7JZ

As I have previously e mailed you I am standing down this year, we have two members who have come forward so far to join the committee.

Can you spare a little time to support the work of the Friends?

All of the current posts are of course up for election and we would love to have fresh views and inspiration to assist us in the future.

Please come to the meeting and show your support for the person who takes over the Chair, for the work that has been done and the work that can be done in the future.

Pass this on to anyone you know who cares about or uses the lido, all are welcome to join us for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee on the night

Time for a change, a message from the Chairman of FoRL

May I start by thanking each of you for your support over the past eight years – 8 years as Chair where does time go! I would especially like to thank the committee members I have served with, without them none of what we have accomplished over the years would have been possible.

We have accomplished so much, Rain Shelters, Splash Pad, extra staff, pavement access in to the car park, more bins and dog bins, nesting platforms, bird identification board, the telescope as well as protecting the wildlife and supporting them through the tough winters.

However for a number of reasons it is time for me to stand down – with the campaign against the car park and boating coming to an end my name has become linked to being against the Council and that is not what our group is about, this is stopping us moving forward. I feel that we need fresh ideas from a new Chair who can rekindle links with the Council and bring all of those who use and care about the Lido together; the new cafe, the pub and the Railway, to work together for the future of the lido. I have also struggled with competing demands at work and home and need to concentrate on other priorities.

Three main cornerstones of the committee are staying in post: membership secretary, the treasurer and the general secretary, trust me they do all of the hard work. What we need is a Chair and without one we cannot go on.

What is involved? Committee meetings perhaps four times a year, a meeting with the membership twice a year. Most importantly someone who cares about the Lido and has some ideas – how can we make a difference.

If you or anyone you know (even if not a current member) might be interested please let me know.

If we do not find someone we will may have to disband the group so please consider this carefully. If you would like to talk to me more about what is involved I would be happy to meet for a coffee.

We need to know by the 20th September 2014. please don’t think this is a huge role that would take up a lot of your time, it would not and I know the current committee will support and guide the person coming in. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Chair it has been a great experience, I have learned a lot about the environment, wildlife and the area but most importantly I have made some great friends.

Please give me a ring or drop me an E mail if you or some one you know may be able to help. I will be setting a date in October for a meeting which will be a very late AGM and I really hope the start of a re-invigerated Friends through a new Chair.

With thanks as always

Vicky Brownlee

Gym equipment being installed by The Waters Edge Pub.

This is an email from the Chair of FoRL to Hillingdon Councillors regarding gym equipment being installed by The Waters Edge Pub.

At MAG you informed us of the new adult gym equipment going in at the far side of the Lido near the assault course.

The general opinion was a good idea, encourages fitness and appropriate use of the Lido and will have no impact on the environment nor the appearance as it will be hidden over the far side, around the tree line, it would be used by the runners as it is out of the way and you would not feel starred at.

They have started putting it in today, not where you said, it could not be further from it. It is on the pub side where they have put that double fence in. The opposite side from where you informed us, have they got it wrong?

The issues are if not stopped now –

  • This is going to be an eye sore
  • It is not covered by the CCTV and will be damaged
  • It is going to attract ABS from the road – believe me it will!
  • Less people will use it because it is out in the open and who wants to be watched in the gym


The Lido staff didn’t know about it, the first thing they knew was them turning up so they cannot tell them they are in the wrong place.

Please get back to me we are very worried about this as was EVERYBODY around the Lido today no one wants it here and I mean no one.

This has to be resolved today as once it is going to be another this that we have to find resolution after the fact rather than proper planning.

I do not know who else to turn to!

Ruislip Lido new car park opens

The controversial new car park has opened Bank Holiday weekend August 2013.

It’s not yet fully completed with missing drainage, fencing and top coat of tarmac. But faced with only one more car parking opportunity in 2013 Hillingdon Council have opened it pre completion, even painting the car space outlines on the base tarmac, which will get blanked out when the top layer of tarmac goes down.

Ruislip Lido Questions and Answers to Hillingdon Council

Below are questions raised by the Friends of Ruislip Lido with answers from Hillingdon Council.

Q. Why did the council ask for advice from the wildlife trust and what was the question? As this would affect what advice was given, for instance “what can the council do to stop bird droppings affecting the water quality in this area as they want to bring in swimming” would get a very different answer to what can the council do to protect wildlife and encourage breeding.

A.The council asked the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust for advice on formalising bird feeding and moving the main concentrations away from potential bathing areas.

Q.Why are we trying to control the amount of feeding, it would almost appear that the council are trying to reduce the number of birds on the Lido, is this the plan, if so why?

A. Currently the main feeding is with bread which is both bad for birds, water quality and can attract vermin. We are not planning to reduce the number of birds at the Lido.

Q.The fence has been placed right across the slip, surely this is a health and safety issue, this is the main access to the water on that side, we have had sad events at the Lido in the past two years where access has been needed to emergency services has this been considered at all? Especially as we come up to the summer if they need to get a boat into the water fast, where are you expecting the police or LFB to do this? And are they aware of the new point of access?

A.There is a slipway at Willow Lawn which is as accessible

Q.Was coming up to nesting time the right time to do this? Was that really the advice from the trust? Or where they not asked when this should have been done.

A. Birds do not nest in the area which is fenced and never have.

Q.The birds have moved round todays Willow Lawn and the people are going there to feed the birds. The effect is more interaction between birds and dogs, more bird dirt on Willow Lawn. When the picnics start and people leave all of their rubbish, more swans will be affected by plastic bags and rubbish. Are we then going to fence this area off as well?

A. No

Q.The birds do appear to get too much bread. May I suggest the new woodlands centre assists with education in this are and even considers selling bird seed. Also there are many, including our society who do feed the birds correctly when they need it in the harsh winter, I take it we are now carrying the 20kg bags to Willow Lawn?

A.The feeding of the birds during the later part of this winter took place on Willow Lawn. It is proposed that the new woodland centre and Railway Station at Willow Lawn will have grain for sale. Interpretation boards on the effects of bird feeding will also be installed.

Q. Has anyone considered that Swans need water to tack flight in case of a dog attack and by promoting feeding on Willow Lawn the swans can become trapped if a dog does attack them or they get frightened by children, or vehicles all of which have access to Willow Lawn.

A. Yes, the advice we have received is from the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust following their visit to site.

Join us for a litter pick next Sunday the 14th July 2013 @ 10am

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are conducting a litter pick next Sunday the 14th July from 10am meeting at the Waters Edge public house on the grass near the Lido.

Join us for a litter pick next Sunday the 14th July 2013 @ 10amIf you are free even for 30 minutes we would love to see you. We normally take about an hour and then have a coffee back at the pub. All litter picking equipment supplied.

Please if you can join us do we want to support Andy the new member of staff and make the area look its best for the Summer, as at last it has arrived.

The only recommendation would be sturdy comfortable shoes.

I hope to see you there but if you cannot make it this time round we will be doing more through the year, this is an opportunity not just for us to give something back to the Lido we all love but also to meet up and get to know each other

With thanks Vicky Brownlee FORL