Ruislip Lido new car park opens

The controversial new car park has opened Bank Holiday weekend August 2013.

It’s not yet fully completed with missing drainage, fencing and top coat of tarmac. But faced with only one more car parking opportunity in 2013 Hillingdon Council have opened it pre completion, even painting the car space outlines on the base tarmac, which will get blanked out when the top layer of tarmac goes down.

2 Replies to “Ruislip Lido new car park opens”

  1. It’s a little bit creepy that you allow someone to go around secretly filming people. Especially in an area full of so many children. Is the person filming CRB / DBS checked. are you happy for this sort off thing to go on?

  2. It’s hard to know if you are being serious Ian? This video, alongside all the efforts of the Friends, was an attempt to protect children (and adults) from being involved in accidents with cars due to the new road layout.

    If you genuinely believe, as a right minded and clear thinking adult, that this video is creepy and a danger to children I’ll happily remove it from the site.

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