Gym equipment being installed by The Waters Edge Pub.

This is an email from the Chair of FoRL to Hillingdon Councillors regarding gym equipment being installed by The Waters Edge Pub.

At MAG you informed us of the new adult gym equipment going in at the far side of the Lido near the assault course.

The general opinion was a good idea, encourages fitness and appropriate use of the Lido and will have no impact on the environment nor the appearance as it will be hidden over the far side, around the tree line, it would be used by the runners as it is out of the way and you would not feel starred at.

They have started putting it in today, not where you said, it could not be further from it. It is on the pub side where they have put that double fence in. The opposite side from where you informed us, have they got it wrong?

The issues are if not stopped now –

  • This is going to be an eye sore
  • It is not covered by the CCTV and will be damaged
  • It is going to attract ABS from the road – believe me it will!
  • Less people will use it because it is out in the open and who wants to be watched in the gym


The Lido staff didn’t know about it, the first thing they knew was them turning up so they cannot tell them they are in the wrong place.

Please get back to me we are very worried about this as was EVERYBODY around the Lido today no one wants it here and I mean no one.

This has to be resolved today as once it is going to be another this that we have to find resolution after the fact rather than proper planning.

I do not know who else to turn to!

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  1. here is another example of the contempt in which the council holds the friends of ruislip lido, in spite of the fact that the mayor of london has said publicly that ” the opinions of the friends should be listened to and taken into account “, no chance when the council will not even talk to us.
    Is it time to advise the mayor of london that unless he can force hillindon council to engage with us we will have no option but to close down the friends of ruislip lido.

  2. I think the whole idea of a gym would not be a good idea, anyone watching the news this evening they are concerned that men doing keep fit training are taking fitness enhancing Anabolic Steroid drugs which can cause mood swings.

    If we want a safe area to visit I really don’t think this was a so called good idea.

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