Time for a change, a message from the Chairman of FoRL

May I start by thanking each of you for your support over the past eight years – 8 years as Chair where does time go! I would especially like to thank the committee members I have served with, without them none of what we have accomplished over the years would have been possible.

We have accomplished so much, Rain Shelters, Splash Pad, extra staff, pavement access in to the car park, more bins and dog bins, nesting platforms, bird identification board, the telescope as well as protecting the wildlife and supporting them through the tough winters.

However for a number of reasons it is time for me to stand down – with the campaign against the car park and boating coming to an end my name has become linked to being against the Council and that is not what our group is about, this is stopping us moving forward. I feel that we need fresh ideas from a new Chair who can rekindle links with the Council and bring all of those who use and care about the Lido together; the new cafe, the pub and the Railway, to work together for the future of the lido. I have also struggled with competing demands at work and home and need to concentrate on other priorities.

Three main cornerstones of the committee are staying in post: membership secretary, the treasurer and the general secretary, trust me they do all of the hard work. What we need is a Chair and without one we cannot go on.

What is involved? Committee meetings perhaps four times a year, a meeting with the membership twice a year. Most importantly someone who cares about the Lido and has some ideas – how can we make a difference.

If you or anyone you know (even if not a current member) might be interested please let me know.

If we do not find someone we will may have to disband the group so please consider this carefully. If you would like to talk to me more about what is involved I would be happy to meet for a coffee.

We need to know by the 20th September 2014. please don’t think this is a huge role that would take up a lot of your time, it would not and I know the current committee will support and guide the person coming in. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Chair it has been a great experience, I have learned a lot about the environment, wildlife and the area but most importantly I have made some great friends.

Please give me a ring or drop me an E mail if you or some one you know may be able to help. I will be setting a date in October for a meeting which will be a very late AGM and I really hope the start of a re-invigerated Friends through a new Chair.

With thanks as always

Vicky Brownlee