We would like to invite you to this years AGM, I have held off confirming the details as we hoped we would be able to hold it in the new woodlands centre but it is not yet open and do not want to delay the meeting any further.

Therefore the AGM will be on WEDNESDAY 12TH JUNE 2013 AT 7PM at THE WATERS EDGE PUBLIC HOUSE OVER LOOKING THE LIDO. Please come into the main pub and we will show you the area we have reserved. We will as always supply wine and soft drinks for the meeting.

Please come and join us, so much is happening at the Lido we need to get together and discuss your views about the current works, intended staffing provisions, the uses of the woodlands centre and ideas you have to help improve this fabulous facility.

The agenda will be brief with the nomination and voting of the committee, and a financial report, a short update from myself on any information we have around the works, then over to your selves for conversation and questions.

We need people to assist us on the committee all of the posts are up for consideration if you would be interested or would like to nominate someone please drop me an e mail it does make it easier if we know in advance. The positions are, Chair, Deputy chair, Membership secretary, Treasurer, pls four Executive members.

I am inviting our local Councillors and hope they will join us.

The Friends of Ruislip Lido has always been and still is a group representing the users of the Lido, who care about the area. Please join us to make sure we represent your views in the coming year.

I look forward to seeing you on the 12th
With thanks as always for your support
Vicky Brownlee Chair FORL

New visitors to the Lido……the feathered variety.

Some of you might have been really lucky to see an Avocet visit the Lido last week and land on one of the nesting platforms.

The Avocet is a distinctively-patterned black and white wader with a long up-curved beak. It is the emblem of the RSPB and symbolises the bird protection movement in the UK more than any other species. Its return in the 1940s and subsequent increase in numbers represents one of the most successful conservation and protection projects.

And we had a welcome return of a Black Swan who we haven’t seen for a couple of years.

Black swans are native to Australia and are the state bird of Western Australia. They were brought to the UK as ornamental birds like peacocks and golden pheasants. Like many other captive birds, they occasionally find their way out into the wild.

They are similar in size to the closely related mute swan. They appear all black when swimming but they have white primary wing feathers, which can be seen in flight. The bill is red with a broad white band on the tip.

Friends of Ruislip Lido AGM, Kings College Pavilion, 6th December 2012 1900hrs

Committee Members present:
Vicky Brownlee (Chair)
Nicky Saragossi (Deputy Chair)

Lindsey Hannigan (Secretary)

¬ Update from Chair

  • Chair gave update on following proposals:¬ Boating, Swimming, caf√©, changing rooms, toilets and overspill car park.
  • The majority of membership have voted that they do not want the proposed car park where it is to be located.¬ Believed that our objections have delayed construction for up to previously two years and there are still 22 reserved matters which need resolving.
  • It appears that the Council may have breached their own planning conditions
  • It is important that FORL maintain communication links with the Council. However it appears that the Council have completely withdrawn links with the FORL.¬ We are aware of an instruction from Mr Puddifoot that no Council officer is to co-operate with the group.¬ However the FORL need to keep up efforts to speak with Council and maintain a good relationship with them.
  • The new Woodland Centre will be used for educational purposes & functions and will provide better catering facilities.
  • The Railway is to benefit from a new caf√©, new ticket office and toilets near to Willow Lawn.¬ They will get toilets and a new mess room at Woody Bay.
  • Only diseased Oak trees have been removed.
  • The current overflow car park does not have good signage
  • There are now yellow lines in Bury Street
  • FORL have suggested a free bus to the Lido
  • It is understood that proposed CCTV will cost approx ¬£26K
  • The entrance behind the bus stand will disappear

¬ What direction shall FORL take?

Following Agreed:

  • Maintain links with Railway
  • Maintain links with Residents Associations to support FORL protect the Lido, help the Council and to litter pick
  • Maintain links with voluntary groups accessing Lido & facilities

Membership Fees

Funds are healthy current – expenditures have been on postage, publicity & bird food.

  • Proposed to purchase storage container for food
  • Consider Water testing (passed by group)
  • Consider applying for FOIA for details of costs of Lido


  • Strategy around planned future developments of lido – passed
  • Minutes to be published on website ‚Äď passed

¬ Lido Management Action Group:

  • Group will be looking at the planning approvals and Woody Bay development
  • Will be discussing apparent breach of own planning conditions made by the Council
  • The Council must still apply for a licence to Natural England


  • 205 members
  • Membership is currently free – donations will still be gladly received.
  • Free membership to continue until next AGM in June 2013.
  • Roger Yates is given life membership
  • David Seaman is given life membership

Nominations & Voting committee membership:

  • Nomination of Pat Taverner to Membership Secretary.

Following voted to Committee:
Chair – Vicky Brownlee
Vice Chair – Nicky Saragossi
Secretary – Lindsey Hannigan
Treasurer – Hazel Toms
Membership Secretary – Pat Taverner
Executive Member 1 – Linda Lamb
Executive Member 2 – no nomination
Executive Member 3 – no nomination

Welcome to Ruislip Lido construction site

The peace and quiet of early morning at Ruislip Lido disappeared before Christmas when the jack hammers arrived to smash up the hard standing by the beach. Ever since then we have had lorries, cars, chain saws and wood chipper disturbing the tranquility for early morning walkers, why they have to start work before 8am I have no idea.

Well this morning topped the lot with a 60 tonne crane parked on the dam wall blocking the path and probably causing damage¬ (?). What next?

60 tonne crane parked on dam wall at Ruislip Lido


Hillingdon Council’s works at Ruislip Lido – tell us what you think

A local resisdent and FoRL member has lodged a complaint to the Wildlife Officers

“Dear Met Wildlife Officers

Please find below my report on recent proceedings at Ruislip Lido. I also attach two thumbnails of photos and a link to a video. I have no idea if you can access youtube on MET computers, so I will also later send a link via yousendit. Hopefully one of them will work. At approx 1min 20 of the video you can clearly see the tree come down in the background.

I visited the site being cleared at approx 10.30am on Wed 16th January 2013. I had told the site foreman the previous afternoon that we intended to film proceedings and he had made no objection. When I arrived the crew were using chainsaws cutting up trees that had been previously felled, and others were dragging them across the ground either to the chipper, which was parked on the pathway, or throwing them onto the logpile at the edge of the grass. When they saw me they stopped dragging them and picked them up to be carried.

There was still some snow on the ground, except a pathway which had been made by the workers walking and dragging branches.

While I was filming on video the chainsaw operator felled a tree. This fell directly to the ground, fairly hard, and bounced. Shortly afterwards the crew had a coffee break and I finished photographing the site and left.

Ruislip Lido Car Park works

Today Thursday 17th I visited the site at approx 2.15pm. A van with chipper and another vehicle with trailer were parked on the grassy area where the highest concentration of reptiles were observed in the summer/autumn. Another logpile had been created, and a further area cleared, including some small saplings.

These I believe to be ongoing and repeat offences that the police and Council should take action to stop as they have been reported now for approaching a week”.

If you have any complaints about the way the works are being carried out or have photos which are relevant please email them to FoRL

Waitrose community project

The Friends of Ruislip Lido were the community project for Waitrose Ruislip during October and we are delighted to announce that we are to receive £326.00 as our portion from the token collected.

A HUGE THANKS to all those who dropped a token into the box for us and a very special thanks to Waitrose Ruislip for selecting us as one of the community projects to support.

Lido Rangers care for swan with rheumatism

Ruislip Lido ranger takes care of a swan with rheumatismOver this past¬ weekend Richard, Sean and Derek have been caring for a swan¬ with rheumatism, hand feeding it and protecting it from foxes, cats and dogs. Swan Rescue has been contacted and will be collecting the swan sometime within the next day or so.

Here we see Richard taking his charge for a walk.